Monday, 28 May 2012

Should You Publish Your Undergraduate Student's Projects?

Most academics and researchers now rely on their undergraduate students’ final year projects as an important research resource. These projects provide opportunities to test out new procedures, methodologies and theories at relatively low cost to the researcher. Nevertheless, no matter how much you might closely supervise this research there is still a nagging doubt that you have delegated important research to a relatively inexperienced individual. How do you decide whether the research they have delivered is worthy of writing up and publishing? Below is a flow-chart that allows the inexperienced junior lecturer to make some decisions about publishing an undergraduate project[1].

[1] This flow-chart is designed to ensure optimal career development for junior and mid-career academics and researchers.


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  2. Yes!

    But before publishing, get a good editor:

    "their undergraduate students’ final year projects" = "the ... projects of their undergraduate STUDENTS" [plural]

    "Your Undergraduate Student's Projects?" = "the projects of your undergraduate STUDENT" [singular]

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