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  1. There is a whole hidden world that know one knows about. They call their side, side one, our side, is side two. Everyone and every animal has a side one. Besides me my side one died when I crashed my wheelchair. My head landed in a spikey root patch that missed my face by centimeters. They say I link our side, side two, to their side, side one. The CIA and black water, made a computer that replicates my brain. So now they have made a man made link letter. When I dream, I dream on their side. They programmed everything I can do in my dreams into the computer. So now they can time travel, teleport fly and anything else you can imagine. They use their computer to control bodies on their side. They made a copy of my family and put them on side one. This guy that is in black water, who were here to make sure no one found out about me. He got his whole family involved because I guess I'm worth allot of money. They want to become me and will do anything to accomplish that. They have raped and tortured the copy of my family they made on their side. Then the black water family that is doing the horrible things to the copy of my family, have became them. The family of my deceased side one is ok with this because they do nasty things to them to, also they blame me for their son dying. They belong to something called rule of man, they say, saying is doing then they put sick sexual stuff in my head telepathically. Then they use the computer to control bodies to reenact what they put in my head. They call it a game, they try to get me to join so they can steal my families, houses, retirement and savings. The black water people are planning on replacing my family with themselves. They are going to pretend to be the copy of my family that went through hell. Then they are going to put me and my family in prison for what they did to themselves. The thing is that they are going to say we have a side two link letter. They are going to replace my family, on side two, with the black water people that rape and torture children. They don't even have to make the link letter a person, it will be a computer doing it all. It may look like a person flying around and doing things just know he'll be controlled by black water scum. They can change bodies and make themselves look different. They are going to put my family in different bodies or try to put them on their side, so they won't be able to tell anyone. They are going to want to put on link letter show's for children. Just remember it will be the same black water scum that raped children for the past 820 days that are going to want to put on show's for your children. I know no one is going to believe me I just need this out there for when they try to put my family in prison for what they do. There will be a written record to vindicate them.